Swiss Machining

Production Challenge

A medical device OEM asked Omni Components to double production of 48 of the firm’s 54-item inventory in just three weeks to meet new international orders.

Timely Solution

Omni Components Vendor Managed Inventory program reduced the lead time needed to manufacture the increased demand of all 48 precision medical implant components exactly on time.

High-Performance Result

The medical device OEM was able to deliver their expanded product launch on schedule. The time lag in a traditional purchase order process would have made meeting this goal improbable.

On-Demand Production:

When you enroll in our Vendor Managed Inventory program, we monitor your component inventory and forecast to efficiently match production to your projected needs. The program swiftly replenishes your inventory and ensures instrumentation is in a surgeon’s hands exactly when needed.

The Vendor Managed Inventory Program:

  • reduces long production lead times
  • decreases resource requirements
  • provides flexible on-demand production
  • frees up procurement staff time
  • delivers components exactly on schedule
  • resulting in a lean procurement process