Governor Maggie Hassan Visits Omni Components

Gov Visit

Omni Components Corporation, a precision machining company in Hudson, NH was pleased and privileged to host a meeting and Tour of Omni Components with Governor Maggie Hassan on May 5, 2015.  Many Omni Customers and Partners joined the event including Phase 2, Nashua Community College and M2D2 from UMass, Lowell.   John Pickering and Warren Bentley, Presidents of NH companies also participated.

The Governor discussed the challenges with the electrical upgrades in New Hampshire.  Also, the importance of school to work programs to highlight the great career paths in Manufacturing at younger ages, so the students are better prepared after high school to go to college for manufacturing.  Another key point for the Governor is to hold the tuition’s flat in NH so we have more students getting educated in NH, and then hopefully stay and work in NH.

The Governor learned about Omni’s great initiatives in workforce and career development, energy consumption and lean manufacturing processes.

The Governor was pleased to know that Omni installed a state-of-the art air cleaning system for our quality of air and employee comfort.

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