In-house Passivation Unit

Omni recently introduced an ESMA E992 passivation system to the facility. The passivation system is an automated, self-contained ultrasonic cleaner and passivation system all in one. The single console uses a series of fill-and-drain sequences . The parts are ultrasonically cleaned in an alkaline solution, rinsed, and passivated with an acid solution and then rinsed with a series of rinses. The final rinse is from a DI source that ensures proper cleanliness and a spot-free finish. Omni is thrilled that the heated tanks are integrated with the system and allow the re-use of chemical and water, eliminating the waste output.

Another benefit of the unit is that the self-contained, automated system eliminates operator exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals. However, the E992 passivation system uses a safe and environmentally friendly citric acid solution that still effectively removes any free iron from the stainless steel and eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals, while still ensuring the stainless steel components are highly resistant to corrosion.

The ESMA E992 passivation system eliminates the need for outsourcing components for passivation and provides our customers with an all-in-one service.