Meet Omni Component’s Newest Intern – Brenda

Brenda Carden, a 20 year old Engineering Design student at the Nashua Community College, joined the Omni team this month.  Brenda is fortunate to be involved in the local chapter of My Turn.  Recently, Omni Components Corporation partnered with My Turn to work with the underprivileged youth’s of New England in helping them gain valuable and long standing careers.  My Turn seeks out teenaged students who are impoverished, disabled, or struggling with their academics and attempts to guide these youths to become productive members of society.  They have programs that help students pay for books and classes and My Turn helps with interviewing, creating resumes, and even understanding finances.

Brenda is grateful to be a part of this program.  She was accepted into My Turn in January of this year.  Not even two months later she has been paired up with Omni Components and is now receiving valuable machining training and gaining experience in the manufacturing work force.  Brenda recalled her first look at design, “On my first tour of the high school I saw the CAD programming lab and there were 3D models on the screen.  I pointed to it and asked the tour guide, how do I get involved with that?”  By her sophomore year she was already in a pre-engineering class at Nashua High School South.  Her instructor Mr. Harrison was instrumental in teaching her and her fellow classmates how to behave in the work place, solve their own problems, and take their ideas all the way from the design phase to the 3D printer.

Now Brenda is in the working world.  Thanks to Omni’s partnership with My Turn and Nashua Community College she is on track to realizing her dream of being an employed engineering designer and programmer.  Omni is proud to welcome Brenda to the team and is honored to be a continuing part of the educations of student like Brenda in the Greater Nashua Area.