Omni and Novopyxis on the Cutting edge

Omni on the cutting edge

On Wednesday, June 17th, the Omni team proudly hosted two members of the Boston based, award winning innovation company, Novopyxis. Novopyxis presented their exciting new device called Droplette:

“Droplette is a patent-pending transdermal delivery system developed by Novopyxis for delivery of drugs up to 60% larger than current lotions or sprays deep into skin over large surface areas. The technology exploit fluid physics phenomena in a turbulent flow regime to generate an enhanced aerosol composed of tiny droplets with sufficient acceleration to painlessly penetrate deeply through skin. The unique device is needle-free, contact free, portable and does not disrupt the skin’s structure. It is designed to deliver antibiotics for serious ulcers and skin infections, reducing risk secondary complications or antibiotic resistance. Future applications include localized delivery of chemotherapeutics for skin cancer, drugs for anti-aging, and ultra-hydration.” -Novopyxis

Omni Components Corporation is excited to be working with these innovators. Droplette is one of the New Ventures Competition finalists from the M2D2 events that took place last month. With this exciting new technology in its infancy the members of Novopyxis wanted to get a feel for what the manufacture and production of their invention would entail. “We are highly impressed by the Omni facilities and look forward to working together,” remarked Madhavi Gavini of Novopyxis after completing the tour of the production floor. The Omni team is excited to be involved with supporting innovation in any way we can. We will all be keeping watch for Droplette because it seems like there are big things to come for this little start-up.