Omni Ever Expanding Communication

The manufacturing world can be a place that lacks many basic forms of communication.  Shops all across America struggle with compartmentalized mentalities.  Operators and floor managers don’t have an accurate understanding of the perspective of the staff in the office, and the office staff can easily lose sight of their role in facilitating the manufacturing floor.  Like many companies Omni’s past is peppered with miscommunications from these two groups.  Aware of this challenge, the Omni team has built an ever expanding network of communication.

The first and most valuable steps taken by Omni involved getting a team of engineers together that felt comfortable going out on the floor and listening to the operators concerns.  With the lines of communication open, the next step was to create a standardized view of the shop and give these conversation some basis for documentation and improvement tracking.  By making use of a robust ERP system these metrics became more possible.  Additionally, a newer and more accessible report generating system was purchased so that the wealth of information within the ERP system could be easily accessed by those who need it.

The Omni team has completely reinvented its self from where it was only 5 years ago.  Lines of communication that had been severed years ago have been renewed.  The team is under no illusions though, every day is a day to continue to push for an even greater level of teamwork.  With the combined efforts of both the office staff and the manufacturing floor staff the Omni team is excited to see what is to come in another 5 years.