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    ISO 9001 & 13485 Registered

    Swiss Turning

    Versatile Swiss Lathes

    Omni Components flagship machines feature Citizen Cincom Swiss lathe technology.

    This type of machining was originally conceived for the watch industry because of it’s ability to perform flexible machining of complex components. These versatile Swiss lathes are capable of creating long, slender components as well as maintaining superior close tolerance machining of complex, detailed features. Our stable of Swiss-type CNC multi-axis lathes can meet the needs of most Swiss part designs. Bar diameters of 0.078 inch (2mm) to 1.250 inch (32mm) will allow accommodation of varying sizes for this type of precision machining.

    Simultaneous control of up to 9-axis allows products to be finished without the need for additional secondary operations. The capability to reliably produce complex components with multiple features and close tolerances all in one machine reduces handling, shortens turnaround time and lowers cost.

    Omni has increased the effectiveness and versatility of these machines with fully integrated high-pressure coolant systems. This provides high-pressure coolant at the tool tip for improved chip control, enabling efficient machining of difficult, stringy metals or plastics and tough high-temperature alloys. In addition, precise high speed (100K rpm) milling spindles and gantry unloading increase production efficiency and production yields. Automatic bar loaders afford “lights-out” operation for some products. This investment means lower component costs to our valued customers.

    • Our Facility

      Our Facility

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    • Turning Floor

      Turning Floor

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    • (5) Citizen/Cincom M-32 & M-32 Y-Axis

      • 250” Dia.
      • High-Speed Milling & Gantry Unloader
      • Bar Loader
      • 10 Hose Cool Blaster
      • 31 Tool Capacity

      (2) Citizen/Cincom M-20, M-220 & M-320

      • 780” Dia.
      • High-Speed Milling & Gantry Unloader
      • Bar Loader
      • 10 Hose Cool Blaster
      • 8 Gang Tools, 10 Turret tools

      (2) Citizen/Cincom L-32-VII

      • 250” Dia.
      • Bar Loader
      • 8 Hose Cool Blaster
      • 20 Tools Capacity
      • 4 Live Tool Spindles

      (6) Citizen/Cincom L7-20 & L7-20 EIX

      • 780” Dia.
      • Bar Loader
      • 10 Hose Cool Blaster
      • 5 Live Cross Drilling Spindles

      (9) Citizen/Cincom L-20-VII Type 520

      • 780” Dia.
      • Bar Loader
      • 10 Hose Cool Blaster
      • Simultaneous 8 axes AC Servo Control
      • 5 live cross tools

      (3) Citizen/Cincom L5-20 & L5-20 EIX

      • 780” Dia.
      • Bar Loader
      • 10 Hose Cool Blaster
      • 32 Tool Capacity
      • 4 Live Back tools

      (2) Citizen A32

      • 25” Dia.
      • High Pressure Coolant
      • Edge Bar Loader
      • 23 Tool Capacity

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    Swiss Machining

    A medical device OEM asked Omni Components to double production of 48 of the firm’s 54-item inventory in just three weeks to meet new international orders.

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