Omni’s Community Outreach Changes Lives

Imagine yourself just starting out in life but do not have the means, the network, housing and sometimes family for support and guidance.  All you have is hope and will.  Omni, originating out of a garage forty-one (41) years ago also started with only hope and will, has never forgotten their meager beginnings.  Omni happily gives back to the community through success of their employees.

Omni is a proud sponsor of MY TURN, a thirty-five (35) year organization working with educational institutions, community agencies, employers and families to provided education, work-based learning opportunities and jobs to under-resourced young people by seeking opportunities to succeed.  In just the past year, MY TURN has assisted their participants in securing 293 credentials and have helped launch 339 careers along with making access to affordable housing, reliable transportation and quality childcare.

Two participants of MY TURN are stand-outs amongst the Omni team, Brenda and Sean.   While attending Community College, Brenda was introduced to Omni four (4) years ago through MY TURN.  With the help from My TURN and Omni’s school assistance program, Brenda graduated from Nashua Community College and is now focused on earning her bachelor’s at University of New Hampshire in Mechanical Engineering.  “Omni made it real for me.  I love finding out how things are made. The Engineering Department is the next logical step for me and I want to learn as much as I can and will strive to be a great addition to Omni’s Engineering Team,” explained Brenda.

MY TURN helped Sean Collins when he was at one of his lowest points in his life.  They placed him into college and helped him achieve his current job at Omni.  He explained, “If Holly, from My TURN,  hadn’t helped me out those couple of years, I would not be the successful person I am today…Omni has continued to help me stay in school while maintaining a job.  They are willing to be flexible with my heavy school schedule.”  Sean is currently in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Program at Manchester Community College.

Knowing that Omni has provided a transformative hand to those young people facing tremendous obstacles in their lives sums up the culture at Omni – “Helping all that seek excellence.”