The Gateway – Featuring Omni Components

Omni Components Corp.’s quality policy is: “To provide superior quality products and services in a timely manner, to fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers.” It goes on to say, “Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. Each member of the Omni Components’ team is responsible for ensuring that internal and external customer requirements, expectations, and needs are met. Every employee is to be involved and committed to pursue the principles of excellence. We achieve this by improving processes, methods, and working environment to insure that each customer is receiving the highest quality product at committed costs, on time.” This policy statement is on display throughout the facility and is visible to all who visit Omni.

Omni Components Corp. started in 1978 in Hudson, NH in a converted chicken barn. Today they are in two facilities with 50 full-time employees with plans on the board for a brand new facility, which will house the company under one roof.

Their customer base is widespread through the medical industry, instrumentation, optics, electronics, communications, and commercial high tech. Founded by William (Rick) Holka, President, Omni specializes in precision components. The company has 25 Citizen CNC Swiss Multi-Axis lathes, many equipped with high pressure coolant, bar loaders and the ability to produce completed parts straight off the machines. With the capability to mill, drill, tap, all within the turning environment in diameters up to 2 3/4” and chucking up to 8”, they can produce quantities from prototype to hundreds of thousands of pieces.

If given a preference, Omni chooses to become involved during the engineering concept phase for process simplification resulting in potential cost savings to customers.

Supported by 4-axis vertical milling machines used to perform primary or secondary operations, CNC water jet cutting, high speed Fanuc Robo drilling, and a multitude of support equipment, Omni is in an excellent position to offer high quality parts to virtually any manufacturer.

Quality is a vital and intricate part of Omni’s success. Omni is ISO9001:2000 certified. Their quality staff is knowledgeable, trained, and active to ensure machining accuracy is maintained throughout the operation. Omni offers SPC, if customer required, and all parts are thoroughly inspected from first piece through final to assure perfect parts go to the customer.

Omni works with many customers towards turnkey operations, offering grinding, finishing, heat treatment, or whatever is necessary to produce the part for one-stop shopping. They offer JIT and Kan Ban replenishment programs, lean manufacturing, and will carry raw material stock in anticipation of customer needs on critical parts. They are developing with some customers an auto-replenishment system where e-mail messages will arrive from automatic bin control systems, via radio control to notify Omni that parts need to be replenished.

Charles Doherty, General Manager, does the quoting and is heavily involved with sales and his sales reps. He is often the first contact within Omni, and will bring Rick or the Engineering department into the discussion to develop the right approach to the machining need. Based on the collaboration of the team, the quotation will be made.

In response to our question of what Omni would like to say to potential customers, Rick responded that, “Omni cares about customer success and has the talented people who are committed to production and service. We understand that when our customers are successful, we are successful” Charles’ response was, “We offer total customer satisfaction and we live up to our Mission Statement, because it is what this company is all about. Perfection is our aim. Integrity is the foundation of our values, and compromise is never an option.”

The Gateway – Featuring Omni Components
By Bill Bryson – February, 2002