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    The Omni Way

    Guidelines for Success:

    The basic foundation upon which our business success depends is the high level of integrity that must be practiced on a day-to-day basis.

    How we do business is paramount to our success. We must innovate constantly and continuously improve — all with the highest degree of integrity.

    People who manage others have a special responsibility to show, through their words and actions, personal commitment to the Company’s standards of integrity. Managers have daily challenges with tough decisions, and need to inspire and demonstrate leadership when doing business. Managers help shape our ethics in business, and they strengthen our commitment to our values through leadership. With the collective commitment from all levels of employees, we can enhance our reputation and achieve great things in this set of shared values.

    The following values serve as a guide to our behavior, providing direction and increasing our commitment and identity with Omni Components.

    • Continuous Improvement
    • Customer Service Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Trust
    • Respect
    • Spirit

    Continuous Improvement

    Our approach is to be moving forward, always striving for a better way, looking for new ways to serve all our customers/employees and making a stronger organization. Improvement must be seen as a daily part of everyone’s work at Omni. It is everyone’s responsibility to improve the methods and processes provided, as well as the way work gets completed. Improvement is fostered by a long-term view of the business, which focuses on long-term solutions rather than the “quick fix”, and, on improving processes rather than simply responding to problems. Being proactive versus reactive will always yield more successful results.

    Customer Service Excellence:

    Our mission is to provide our customers with loyalty, personal focus, innovation and a compelling experience. Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations, not just meet them but to build long-term relationships by promoting open interaction and continued communication, while providing a personalized experience. Our environment continues and always will be customer focused.


    Integrity means dealing honestly and openly with customers, employee and, vendors. Integrity is meeting or exceeding our commitment and acting in ways consistent with others’ values. It means keeping the promises that we make verbally or in writing, listening and respecting the interests of all those with whom we do business, and meeting the highest standards of ethical behavior.


    Every member of our organization should trust their abilities and the abilities of our employees. We place our trust in every employee to carry out their responsibilities consistent with our values. Also, trust is placed in managers and employees to assist us in reinforcing these values and correcting situations when they are not being followed.


    Everyone is expected to respect the dignity of each individual, and treat others as they would like to be treated. This should describe every working environment. Respecting and protecting the property of the Company and the property of our customers and business partners. Managers must set the tone and create the environment of respect in their work areas by giving significant responsibility and freedom to employees to act on their own, trusting their intentions and abilities to get the work done. Respect also involves encouraging employees to express their ideas and input, including disagreements in a respectful manner. It involves valuing the differences that exist between employees’ ideas and backgrounds. An environment in which we respect and support each other, personally as well as professionally, will contribute greatly to the Company and individual growth. Interdepartmental relationships must also be built on respect, understanding, and an attitude of seeking mutual benefit through teamwork. Looking for win-win alternatives to problems that arise can lead to more creative solutions, and a higher commitment to the Company.


    Employees need to strive to work with energy, enthusiasm and passion, taking pride and pleasure in the work that is performed. Employees need to recognize the difference between being in a job to do something, and being in a job for something to do. By giving each job our best and finding ways to make a contribution in each assignment, all of us can have an impact on each other’s success, and the continued success of our Company. Recognizing and celebrating our successes, both small and large, are a key part of maintaining a positive company spirit. Recognition must be timely, specific and with sincere acknowledgment of others’ efforts and accomplishments. Recognition most often needs to come in the form of informal thanks, and positive feedback for the many small wins or milestones achieved. Every employee deserves proper recognition to help measure his/her performance, and to build his/her feelings of commitment and contribution.

    Having fun must also be a key part of work at Omni. When having fun is encouraged as a part of work life, there is an energy and spirit in the workplace that brings out the best in every member of our Company. When renewed, spirit builds the team.

    Working together as a team at Omni, we will all ensure we captivate the goal of being an even stronger leader in our industry. It is important for us to listen and constantly communicate. Our goal is simple; we will ensure our business partners understand our goal and what our Company can provide, while reaffirming our commitment to excellence. We will continue to enhance our operations so “Omni will be the best of the best”.

    Every employee at Omni Components needs to strive for these very important shared values! They are who we are, what we stand for and how we will conduct ourselves on a daily basis.

      Why Work With Omni Components?

    • Quality

    • Strong Partnership

    • Career Opportunities

    • Prototype Solutions

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