TQM-Total Quality Management-Omni Leads the Way.

TQM or Total Quality Management while not new is another way of how customers may select the vendor of choice to perform the mission at hand. TQM in sum, defines the organization and its attitude toward accomplishing the customers goal. . How the culture defines quality in all organization processes, done right the first time eliminating waste and increasing efficiencies tells the story about what you can expect from the outcome of a manufacturing operation. TQM must embody the management and employees working together to improve efficiencies while eliminating defects. Omni has recently held several different Kaizens to help aid in the company-wide initiative to reduce wasteful output and continue on a more efficient path. Examples of Omni’s waste reduction efforts includes, but is not limited to the following:
– Reducing the secondary operation of manually deburring finished parts by introducing a new tool to the machining program that allows the part to be deburred right at the machine;
– Improving the on-time deliveries
– Reducing scrap output
– 5S
– Set-up Reduction

– Omni plans on to continue growing and learning from these Kaizens and looks forward to bright, waste-free future.